We print our products with latex ink - it's better for the environment and your well being


Latex printing goes even where solvent can’t, allowing wider application versatility than Eco-solvent. A wide range of flexible coated and un-coated materials expands opportunities beyond vinyls and banners to films, papers, textiles, canvas, wall paper, and more.


The major advantage of latex is that the prints are dry as soon as they come out of the printer with no need to set them aside for degassing before lamination (which can take up to 2 days). This drastically speeds up production time. Nor is there any smell from latex inks, unlike solvent inks, which have a distinct odour which is problematic for indoor use. 


With impressive levels of scratch-resistance many short-term applications don’t even need lamination at all. An advantage of latex is that it is a greener technology than solvent. 60% of the ink is water. Solvent ink penetrates into the media, latex sits on top and doesn't react in the same way, which is better for recyclability. Latex technologies do not emit hazardous VOCs .



There has been more consideration given to packaging design lately, as manufacturers and designers are recognizing that attractive packaging generates increased sales.


Consider this: When you are selecting out a bottle of wine, aren’t you drawn more to the bottles with interesting labels?

Your product’s packaging can be a consumer's first point of contact with your product, and striking packaging may make someone try a new brand or product line they’ve never heard of. Consumers also tend to trust products with appropriate and attractive packaging more than products with poor packaging design. Excellent packing design is a necessity in a competitive market.

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