Our Background

Mannalabs was established in 2012 and started out distributing products. Mannalabs has since grown into developing and manufacturing custom products for the food and nutritional product industries. Whether you are looking for an OTC product labelled for your company or looking for a company to manufacture nutritional supplements, we can help you to bring your product to market.


Our experience with health conditions, coupled with a history of producing quality nutritional and herbal supplements, OTC products and personal care items, makes us the perfect choice to assist you with the development and manufacturing of your product.


The service we offer is uniquely moulded & customized to suit your different needs. We utilize five key operational groups to generate a custom solution:  Research & Development (Formulations), Manufacturing, Packaging, Distribution and excellent Customer Service.  In combination, these groups assist us in providing our customers with exactly what they're looking for and have a great experience overall.